February 2016

Why more clarity in discussions about race, culture, nationality or color may be needed

by B. Mchie

As an educational consultant I visit middle and high schools often as well as college campuses too.
My work features a curriculum reform service that prepares teachers to instruct with more cultural competence in all subjects and grades.
In my travels and discussions I often hear dialogue from people from many cultures, countries, classes and genders.
I find it interesting that many of us blur the distinctions between groups of people in these conversations.

A Truth About Black History Month

by B. Mchie

Often during Black History Month I hear many in my African American community say somthing like "see the white man gave us the shortest month of the year to celebrate too." The reality is that Dr. Carter G. Woodson, the founder of BHM selected February for two primary reasons.  In 1926, as a people we were just getting away from centuries of being classified as property rather than human beings and (at the time) the two men who most influenced our emancipation from slavery were born in the month of February.  They were Abraham Lincoln, and Frederick Douglass.