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The Idolatry of American Whiteness

by B. Mchie

Back in 2003 I watched a documentary on PBS called Race and the Power of Illusion. It brought back many memories of my life as a black man in America. It also dredged up many sensitive feelings I had and have regarding America’s major cog of racism; color.

The Black Church, is it AWOL?

By B. Mchie
Many of my family members were raised in the Baptist Church. One of the reasons I attend services is to bond with a community that looks like me. Another is that for the most part these fine people practice enough of the commandments in their lives that I feel that closeness we all seek.

You Can Be Anything You Want (But what does the black community need)?

by B. Mchie
Whether coming from a successful black person, a role model, parent or mentor we often hear the phrase, “I tell my children that they can be anything they want to be.”
African Americans work hard, yet nearing 60 years after the 20th century civil rights movement, our level of representation in many occupations lags severely behind our percentage of the general population. This blog uses data and opinions to request that we add more specific details to the titles statement.

A post election apology/assessment from an elder to youth

By B. Mchie
My son who writes on this blog occasionally and I debate often on whether elders owe more to youth than the other way around in black America. We usually end up saying both could do more for the greater good of all. Today I’m offering him and youth in general an apology for the lack of impact black elders are responsible for that allowed the 45th president to be Donald J. Trump

History + Culture = Heritage

by B. Mchie
Time and time again especially in the African American community we here elders in particular say the following. If you don’t know where you came from you’ll have difficulty knowing where you are going. Our forefathers in African America have placed a number of historic benchmarks to help present and future black citizens know where they came from.

What happened to the Queen?

by B. Mchie
When my mother passed away I received many cards, phone calls of condolences from family and friends. One that still comes to mind 25 years later is that she was “My Oldest Friend.” She was not any more or less important to me than your mother was (is) to you but I bring her up to write about black women in America. A wise woman once explained to me that each and every African American decent of slavery today is alive because an African woman chose to live through the middle passage.

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