This category includes blacks in finance, engineers, journalist, architects, inventors or own companies; work in corporate settlings and more.

Civil Rights leader with business zeal, M. Carl Holman. .

M. Carl

On this date in 1918, M. Carl Holman was born. He was an African-American civil rights leader and president of the National Urban Coalition (1971-88) who promoted the need for a mutual partnership between industry and government to foster inner-city development.

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Professionalism in television news; Ed Bradley

Ed Bradley

Ed Bradley, an African American journalist, was born on this date in 1941.

Born in Philadelphia, Bradley grew up in a single-parent household and learned the value of hard work from his mother. Bradley once recalled that his parents worked 20-hour days at two jobs apiece. "I was told, 'You can be anything you want, kid,'" he once told an interviewer. "When you hear that often enough, you believe it."

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The Apollo Theater opens

*This date celebrates the opening of The Apollo Theater in 1933.

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Moneta Sleet, photographer of excellence

Moneta Sleet

*On this date 1926, Moneta Sleet was born. He was an African American photographer.

From Owensboro, KY, he began taking photographs after his parents gave an old box camera. After graduating from high school, Sleet attended Kentucky State College and later he relocated to New York City. It was there that he earned a M.A. in journalism from NYU. In 1955, Sleet joined the staff at Ebony Magazine, covering many prominent moments of the Civil Rights Movement, the Nobel Peace Prize, and other world events.

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Former slave becomes newspaper publisher

Cayton Sr.

On this date, we remember the birth in 1859 of Horace Cayton, an African American who had been a slave and became publisher of the Seattle Republican newspaper.

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A'Lelia Walker, Harlem businesswoman

A'Lelia Walker

On this date, A'Lelia Walker was born in 1885. She was an African American businesswoman. She was associated with the Harlem Renaissance as a patron of the arts who provided an intellectual forum for the Black literati of New York City during the 1920s.

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Black architects have a rich American history

1800 design by Louis Metoyer

On this date, we celebrate African American architecture. Blacks have been involved in building and architecture since the colonial era of America.

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A Vegas jewel, the Moulin Rouge!

The Moulin Rouge

On this date in 1955, the first integrated American casino, the Moulin Rouge, opened in Las Vegas.

Built by three White men, Louis Rubin, Alf Childs, and Alexander Bisno, who were partners in a construction company, it became the “Apollo of the West Side.” At the end of World War II, President Harry Truman had signed an executive order integrating the armed forces. Yet segregated schools, municipalities, lodging, and entertainment venues were still an accepted way of American life.

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Chicago Defender Newspaper founded

The Chicago Defender was founded on this date in 1905. The brainchild of Robert Abbott, it was one of the first African-American newspapers in this country to reach a circulation of more than 100,000.

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Journalist Alice Dunnigan specialized in politics

Alice Dunnigan

*On this date in 1906, Alice Dunnigan was born. She was a journalist who was instrumental in establishing African-American presence in political news coverage.

Born near Russellville, Ky., she attended Kentucky State College and later graduated from West Kentucky Industrial College. Dunnigan was the first Black woman accredited to the White House and the State Department and to gain access to the House of Representatives and Senate galleries. She was also the first Black woman elected to the Woman’s National Press Club.

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