Features Black educators, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), Black faculties, teachers, professors, Black fraternities and sororities. Presented are biographies of men and women, some uneducated, with H.S. diplomas, Bachelor degrees, master?s degrees, and PhD's who became scholars, administrators, superintendents and leaders.

Josie Johnson, a committed educator and activist

Josie R. Johnson

*Josie Johnson was born on this date in 1930. She is an African American educator, activist and administrator.

From Houston, TX Josie Robinson Johnson is one of three children born to Judson and Josie Robinson. Her great grandfather Ralph was twelve years old when emancipation from slavery was granted. As a child, he was employed to furnish a step stool for white women to use as they stepped down from carriages and stage coaches in Texas.

LeRoy Gardner Jr., of mind, body and spirit

LeRoy Gardner Jr.

*LeRoy Gardner Jr. was born on May 11, 1947. He was an African American educator, counselor and activist.

He was one of three children of Reverend LeRoy Gardner Sr. and Katherine Gardner, he had a sister, Sharon; a brother, Gordon. As young man, Gardner Jr. was a playground basketball legend. As the community lore goes that as a 14 year old, he Ralph Mitchell (19) and Tommy Miller (19) beat (then) University of Minnesota basketball players Lou Hudson, Don Yates and Archie Clark in a pickup game at St. Paul’s Oxford Park.

Asa Hilliard, an educator of truth

Dr. Asa Hilliard

On this date in 1933, Asa Hilliard was born in Galveston, TX. He was an African American professor of educational psychology.

After completing high school, Asa Hilliard III attended the University of Denver, earning his B.A. in 1955, his M.A. in counseling in 1961, and his Ed.D. in educational psychology in 1963. Hilliard was a teacher in the Denver Public School system from 1955 until 1960.

America’s Black Holocaust Museum opens

On this date in 1988, America’s Black Holocaust Museum (ABHM) opened its doors in Milwaukee, WI. ABHM exists to educate the public about injustices suffered by people of African American heritage, while providing visitors with an opportunity to rethink their assumptions about race and racism. ABHM’s educational focus serves as a center for education related to the Black Holocaust and as a non-threatening forum for sharing thoughts about race and racism in America.

Mayme Clayton, preservationist of Black America

Mayme Clayton

*Mayme Clayton was born on this date in 1923. She was an African American Librarian, researcher and historian.

From in Van Buren, Arkansas she graduated from high school at the age of sixteen. The daughter of Southern pioneers she was proud of her father being the only black business owner of a general store, dealing successfully with both black and white communities where she grew up. Her parents instilled in her a love of culture as well as a sense of adventure.

Lewis College of Business, once a Michigan jewel

The founding of Lewis College of Business (LCB) established in Detroit in 1928 is celebrated on this date. Violet T. Lewis founded the college at the beginning of the Great Depression.

Lewis A. Jackson, aviation pioneer

Lewis A. Jackson

Lewis A. Jackson was born on this date in 1912. He was an African American aviator, innovator, educator, and administrator.

"A Better Chance" founded

*The founding of A Better Chance (ABC) in 1963 is celebrated on this date. They are a national non-profit talent search organization.

African American, (the term); a brief history

*The term African American is celebrated on this dates Registry.

In August of 2005, an Ethiopian-born activist named Abdulaziz Kamus seemed to melt into the crowd; a sea of black professors, health experts and community leaders considering how to educate blacks about the dangers of prostate cancer. But when he piped up to suggest focusing some attention on African immigrants, the dividing lines were quickly and pointedly drawn.