Events in the American Black experience that include people, places, items, and timelines.

America elects its first Black republican woman congressman

Mia Love

*On this date in 2014, the first Black Republican woman was elected to Congress in U.S. history.

Utah Voters sent Mia Love, the former small-town mayor in that state to Washington DC. She won a narrow victory in the state’s open Fourth Congressional District adding noticeable buzz to the Republican celebrations over their election-night shellacking of Democrats across the country.

Riot at Peekskill, N.Y.

*The Peekskill riot occurred on this date in 1949. This was an incident of hate-filled racial slurs and insults from angry white locals from Westchester County, New York towards Blacks.

The Newark Race Riot occurs

*On this date in 1967, the Newark Race Riots occurred. The four-day riot left 26 people dead including Edward Moss, a 10-year-old boy.

Over 1,000 others were injured, and the city incurred more than $10 million in property damaged. In 1967, Newark, NJ had the nation's highest percentage of substandard housing, and the second highest rates of crime and infant mortality. That July, purported police brutality involving the arrest of an African American cab driver charged with assaulting a police officer plunged the city into four days of violence and destruction.

Cicero Race Riots happen

*The Cicero Race Riot occurred on this date in 1951. One of the 20th century’s worst race riots happened when a mob of 4,000 whites attacked an apartment building that housed a single Black family in a neighborhood in Cicero, Cook County, Illinois.

The Hamburg Massacre occurs

News Coverage (Cartoon)

*On this date in 1876, the Hamburg, Massacre occurred. This was a race riot between community's Black militia and Whites from the surrounding rural area of South Carolina during Reconstruction. 

Seven men died that afternoon, six were Black militiamen or civilians and one was a White farmer killed in the attack. Hamburg was a small all-Black community across the river from Augusta, Georgia.   Like many Black communities in South Carolina, it was solidly Republican and with the GOP in charge in Columbia, some of its men were members of the South Carolina National Guard (the Militia).  

Central Park Five case settled

*On this date in 2014, New York City agreed to a $40 million settlement with five men who were falsely convicted in the vicious rape and beating of a Central Park jogger in 1989. The agreement still needs the approval of the city comptroller and a federal judge.

Connecticut aplogizes for slavery

Amistad Statue, New Haven, CT

*On this date in 2009 Connecticut formally apologized for its role and complicity in American Slavery.

The Mardi Gras Indians

*The Mardi Gras Indians are celebrated on this date (Fat Tuesday) in 1732. These African Americans participate as a cultural foundation of New Orleans and Mardi gras history. The Mardi Gras Indians are as much a part of that secret society as any other carnival organization. The heritage of the Mardi Gras Indians is an African based long and hard road, starting in late 1600's with the Indian Village of Tchoutchuoma, near the north gate of the colonial place of what has become the New Orleans French Quarter.

The Colfax Massacre occurs

*On this date in 1873, the Colfax Massacre happened. Also called the Colfax Riot, the violence erupted in Grant Parish Courthouse in Colfax, Louisiana.

Jennings v. Third Ave. Railroad incident

Elizabeth Jennings

*On this date in 1854, Elizabeth Jennings was refused a seat on public Streetcar, setting off the first racial transportation lawsuit in America.
It happened in downtown New York City.