Events in the American Black experience that include people, places, items, and timelines.

George Washington House opens

*On this date in 2010, the George Washington House in Philadelphia opened to the public. This was the historic home of America’s first president and slave owner.

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Marian Anderson sings at the Lincoln Memorial

*On this date in 1939, Marian Anderson sang before a (then) record crowd and radio audience on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

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Florida apologizes for Slavery

Hill and Pruitt embrace

*On this date in 2008, more than 140 years after a former Florida governor described Africans as "a wild barbarian to be tamed and civilized," the Legislature apologized for the state's role in sanctioning slavery.

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Costa Rica abolishes Slavery

*On this date in 1824, Costa Rica abolished slavery.

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Virginia votes for official apology for Slavery

*On this date in 2007, the Virginia General Assembly voted unanimously to express "profound regret" for the state's role in slavery.

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Lockard v. Evans filed in Tulsa, OK

Petition (copy)

*On this date in 1921, Lockard v. Evans, et al., was filed in Tulsa County District Court, Oklahoma. This was legal action from a group of African American’s against the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma to rebuild their neighborhoods destroyed by the Tulsa Race Riots earlier that summer.

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Africville, Nova Scotia declared historic landmark

*On this date from 2002, the Registry celebrates Africville, Nova Scotia.

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Voting Riot in Indianapolis, Indiana

The Wide Awakes
(white paramilitary group)

*On this date in 1876, a race riot happened in Indianapolis, Indiana over voting rights.

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Pearl Harbor's African American heritage

African American Registry acknowledges the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor with 10 short facts that occurred during or after the incident.

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Two stars say goodbye (McDaniels & Beavers)

This date in 1962, marks the twin deaths of two award winning African American actress’. Hatti McDaniel, 67, Gone With The Wind and Louise Beavers, 62 Beulah Beulah died.

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