Events in the American Black experience that include people, places, items, and timelines.

The Cleveland Home for Aged Colored People opens

*The Cleveland Home for Aged Colored People opened on this date in 1897. This facility was one of the earliest examples of a social welfare institution sponsored by Blacks for nonreligious purposes.

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Frederick Douglass honord by the Press

Plaque honoring
Frederick Douglass

*On this date in 2007, Frederick Douglass was honored as the first Black reporter allowed into the Capitol press galleries.

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Race Hate Murder in Mississippi

Marchers rally against Hate Crimes

*On this date in 2011 a group of white teenagers killed a black man in Jackson Mississippi.

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Police brutality protest in Oakland, CA

*On this date in 2010 the Black community in Oakland, California protested and verdict in the death of another black man by an Oakland police officer.

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The Robert Taylor Homes opens

*The Robert Taylor Homes housing project began accepting residences on this date in 1962.

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Freedmans Hospital founded

(former) Freedmans Hospital
Howard Uniersity

*On this date in 1894, the Freedmen’s Hospital School of Nursing was founded. This was a hospital for Blacks founded by Dr. Daniel Hale Williams.

Freedmen's Hospital began during the Civil War after the start of the Freedmen's Bureau, a social service system. Many freed slaves poured into Washington, D.C. in hopes that their needs would be supplied. Because of these circumstances, the War Department of the Federal Government decided to establish a "Freedmen's Bureau" to create an emergency facility to care for the sick and destitute.

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Cherokee nation expels Black indians

Ruth Adair Nash, a descendent of freedmen,
goes over family history papers with her granddaughter

*On this date in 2011, the nation's second-largest Indian tribe formally expelled from membership thousands of descendants of black slaves who were brought to Oklahoma more than 170 years ago by Native American owners.

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Blacks protest Supreme Court Judge's visit

Clarence Thomas

*On this date in 2002, five Black professors boycotted a daylong visit to the University of North Carolina Law School by Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.

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The Stanton Family of Virginia

*On this date in 1853, we celebrate the Stanton Family Cemetery.

In 1853, Nancy and Daniel Stanton headed the Stanton family of Buckingham County, Virginia. They purchased 46.5 acres of land, becoming one of the few free black landholders in the region. Nancy Stanton, who purchased the original holdings on which the cemetery is located, became the first known individual interred in the Stanton Family Cemetery when she died on October 6, 1853.

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Nation Of Islam founded

On this date in1930, E. Muhammad established the Nation of Islam (NOI).

Founded in Detroit, the NOI (at the time) started with 250,000 thousand Blacks. Earlier that year (on July 4) Master W. Fard Muhammad appeared in that city. He preached that God is one, and it was now time for Blacks to return to the religion of their ancestors, Islam.

Nation of Islam

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