Events in the American Black experience that include people, places, items, and timelines.

Cold Case, Izola Ware Curry

Izola Ware curry

*The birth of Izola Ware Curry in 1916 is celebrated ion this date. She is the African American woman domestic who tried to kill Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in 1958.

Barack Obama awarded Nobel Peace Prize

*On this date in 2009, the Norwegian Nobel Committee awarded the Nobel Peace Prize to President Barack Obama of the United States.

First Registered Black Pilot in America

Cornelius Coffey

On this date in 1938, Cornelius Coffey became the first African American registered pilot.

Coffey obtained his commercial license (#36609) so that he could teach both at Curtiss-Wright and then at his own school in Chicago.

Reference: Giacinta Bradley Koontz, aviation historian, magazine columnist and author. DOM

Photo Courtesy of Robbins History Museum

To become a Pilot

Emacipation Proclimation (copy) Sold

*On this date in 2012, a rare original copy of President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation sold at a New York auction for more than $2 million.

California, its naming heritage

"The Naming of California"
by Louise Lloyd

*The creation of the name California is celebrated on this date in 1850; the official date of it’s statehood. The designation “California” is another piece of African American history.

The name is derived from a knightly romance book that was published in 1510. The story was about an island paradise near the Indies where a beautiful Black Queen Califia ruled. She was the leader a country of Black Amazons with masses of pearls and gold. Men were only allowed on Califia one day a year to help perpetuate the race.

Black Women and International Women’s Day

*On this date in 1910 the world formally celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD). Since it’s beginning IWD is a global celebration of the wellness of women. Started at a time of great social turbulence and crisis, IWD inherited a tradition of protest and political activism. Yet since its inception there has been a pattern of racial exclusion of women of color, specifically Black Women!

Appalachian Genealogy study released

Melungeon Man

*On this date in 2012, a DNA study in the Journal of Genetic Genealogy was released.

Liberia's Charles Taylor found guilty

Charles Taylor (in court)

*On this date in 2012, an international court trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor ended.

Texas A&M chooses 1st Black Commander

Marquis Alexander

*On this date in 2012, the first Black student was appointed as Commander of the Texas A&M Cadets. This is nearly a half-century after African Americans were admitted to predominantly white Texas A&M University.

Black history and the Girl Scouts of the USA

GSUSA Dixie Region, 1935

*On this date in 1912, the Registry marks the history of African American’s in the Girl Scouts of the USA.