Those who shape Black history as elected officials, the military, lawyers, judges, and more.

Sheila Abdus-Salaam born

Sheila Abdus-Salaam

*Sheila Abdus-Salaam was born on this date in 1952. She was an African American, lawyer and associate judge on the New York Court of Appeals.
Born Sheila Turner in Washington, D.C., she grew up in a working-class family with six siblings; her great-grandfather was a slave in Virginia. She attended the public schools, was a 1974 graduate of Barnard College and a 1977 graduate of Columbia Law School. She and future United States Attorney General Eric Holder were classmates at Columbia.

Afro Latino Adriano Espaillat born

Adriano Espaillat

*Adriano Espaillat was born on this date in 1954. He is an Afro Latino American politician and community advocate.

From in Santiago, Dominican Republic, Adriano D. Espaillat is the son of Melba (née Rodríguez) and Ulises Espaillat and the great-grandson of Dominican President Ulises Espaillat. He describes himself as "a Latino of African decent." He graduated from Bishop Dubois High School in 1974 and earned his B.S. degree in political science at Queens College in 1978.

Charles E. Vanderburgh born

Charles E. Vanderburgh

*Charles Vanderburgh was born on this date in 1829. He was a white American lawyer, abolitionist and judge.

Born in Saratoga County, New York, Charles Edwin Vanderburgh graduated from Yale University in 1852. He taught school and studied law in Oxford, New York. In 1856, Vanderburgh moved to Minnesota Territory and practiced law in Minneapolis. In 1859, elected District Judge, Fourth Judicial District.

James Seale, segregationist born

James F. Seale

*James Seale was born on this date in 1935. He was a white farmer, police officer and Ku Klux Klan member.

The Harlem Hell fighters commissioned

*The Harlem Hell fighters were commissioned on this date in, 1913. They were an all black WWI 369th Infantry Regiment of the U.S. Army.

Jewel Stradford born

Jewel Stradfrod

*Jewel Stradford was born on this date in 1922. She was an African American politician and lawyer.

Tuskegee Airman Rosco Brown born

Rosco C. Brown

*Rosco Brown was born on this date in 1922. He was an African American educator and military hero in WW II.

Henry Lincoln Johnson born

Henry L. Johnson

*Henry Johnson was born on this date in 1892. He was a decorated African American soldier in WW1.

Needham Roberts born

Needham Roberts

*Needham Roberts was born on this date in 1901. He was a decorated African American World War I US Army Soldier.

From Trenton, NJ., Needham Roberts was the son of a pastor. In 1917, he left his job as a drugstore clerk to enlist in the Army and serve his county. He was 15 or 16 years old at the time. He lied to the recruiter and told him he was 19 so he could join. He was assigned to the New York Fifteenth Infantry, which later became the 369th Infantry ("Harlem's Hellfighters"). He was sent to France with his regiment where they were put under the control of the French Army.

Norman Rice, public policy advocate

Norman B. Rice

*Norman Rice was born on this date in 1943. He is an African American politician, administrator and community activist.