Ministers, bishops, priest, etc. men, women, institutions, and organizations of spirituality in America through the Black experience.

Henry H. Proctor born

Henry H. Proctor

*Henry Proctor was born on this date in 1868. He was an African American author, minister and lecturer.

Born near Fayetteville, Tenn., Henry Hugh Proctor was born to parents who were former slaves. Hannah Murray and Richard Proctor, a carpenter, he had four older siblings. His parents dug ditches and preached sermons to pay for his degree from Fisk University. After graduating in 1891, he received a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Yale University in 1894 and was ordained into the Congregational ministry.

Harvey Johnson, minister born

Rev. Dr. Harvey Johnson

*Harvey Johnson was born on this date in 1843. He was a Black minister and theologian.

William Adger, minister born

William Adger

*The birth of William Adger in 1856 is celebrated on this date. He was an African American minister.

Claude Black born

Claude Black

*Claude Black was born on this date in 1916. He was an African American Baptist minister, activist and Politian.

Emma C. Clement born

*Emma Clarissa Clement was born on this date in 1874. She was an African American theological educator.

Emma Clarissa Williams was born in Providence, RI. She was a graduate of Livingston College and she later married George C. Clement, Bishop, and AME Zion Church.  She was named American Mother-of-the-Year on May 1, 1946, she was the first Black woman so honored. As the granddaughter of a slave, Clement accepted the award "in the name of million of Negroes in the United States and in the name of all mothers." 

1st National Black Catholic Congress held

*The first National Black Catholic Congress (NBCC) was held in Washington, D.C. on this date in 1889.

Joachim Prinz, Civil Rights Activist born

Joachim Prinz & Dr. Martin L. King Jr.

*Joachim Prinz was born on this date in 1902. He was a White German American Rabbi outspoken against Nazism and an activist for the American Civil Rights movement.

James B. Davis born

James B. Davis

*James B. Davis was born on this date in 1916. He was an African American gospel music singer and a founder of The Dixie Hummingbirds, one of the longest-lasting and most influential groups in gospel music.

Avery Alexander, Minister born

Avery Alexander

*Rev. Avery Alexander was born on this date in 1910. He was an African American minister and activist in the struggle for civil rights for Black Louisianans.

Foster AME Church founded

*The founding of Foster Memorial AME Zion Church in 1860 is celebrated on this date.