Ministers, bishops, priest, etc. men, women, institutions, and organizations of spirituality in America through the Black experience.

The Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem, the Soul of Judaism

On this date we celebrate the return of African Hebrew Israelites of Jerusalem to Israel in 1969.

Octavia Rogers Albert used her faith to teach and write

Octavia V. Rogers

The birth of Octavia V. Rogers Albert in 1853 is celebrated on this date. She was a Black teacher and writer.

Macumba, another source of African spirituality

This date in 1550 celebrates the Macumba/Candomble religion, one of many African-based faiths practiced in the Americas.

Shango, an African based religion

Shango dancer

On this date, from 1800, we celebrate the Shango religion, one of many African inspired religions practiced in the Americas.

Umbanda, a source of faith from Africa

Umbanda Altar

The Registry celebrates the Umbanda religion, which dates from 1600, on this date. This is one of several Black African faiths practiced in the Americas.

Rev. Floyd Massey Jr., and inspiration for many

Rev. Floyd
Massey Jr.

*This date in 1915 celebrates the birth of Rev. Floyd Massey Jr. He was an African American minister and teacher.

The African cemetary of Key West, Florida

*On this date in 2002, a Consecration Ceremony for the Key West African cemetery took place. This occasion marked another chapter of closure in the history of Africans in America.

Key West was never a slave trading port, but because of its unusual geography it was often affected by the Transatlantic Slave Trade. A remote outpost, poised along the maritime highway of the Gulf Stream current and very close to the plantations of Cuba, the small island saw a number of slave ships sail through, wreck in, or be forcibly brought to her waters.

Decatur Nichols, a dedicated man of God

Decatur Nichols

Decatur Nichols was born on this date in 1900. He was an African American minister, deacon, and bishop.

He was from Georgetown, SC, the son of Reverend Ruffin and Anna Nichols. Decatur Ward Nichols was educated in the public schools of Charleston. He received his AB degree from Howard University, Washington, DC, and BD degree from Drew University, Madison, NJ.

Islam, a traditional and growing spiritual point of reference

*This date celebrates the beginning of Ramadan 2015. Because of this, the Registry looks briefly at Islam and African-America.

A Southern fixture, the New Everdale Baptist Church

New Everdale Baptist Church

*On this date in 1925 the New Everdale Baptist Church was built. This is one of the oldest Black churches in Alabama.