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There are many ways in which you can support The African American Registry®. We help everyone become more productive citizens through our diverse education services and products. Benefactors can be foundations or individuals. All contributions are 100% tax deducible

  • $25.00, Middle Passage

    Support our staffing and internships with area colleges and technical schools

  • $50.00, Emancipation

    Support our June 29th 2017 Fundraiser, Juneteenth Award and capacity building initiatives

  • $100.00, Reconstruction

    Expand our Street Team “History Day in High Definition” youth history challenge

  • $250.00, De-segregation

    Support a middle school student into our Street Team “If Not Now, When?” initiative. This is our 12-week youth/elder inner-cultural, inner-generational program

  • $500.00, Civil Rights / Social Justice

    Expand the Teacher's Forum, our E-12 staff preparation service into additional schools

  • $1,000.00, Full Equity

    Support our online expansion of additional articles, personal narratives interviews and redesigned website for 2017

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