Last names starting in F

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Fisher, Gail

Fisher, Rudolph

  • Sun, 1897-05-09

    Rudolph Fisher was born in Washington, DC on this date in 1897. He was an African American physician, roentgen logy specialist, novelist, short...

Fisk, Clinton Bowen

  • Mon, 1828-12-08

    Clinton Fisk was born on this date in 1828. He was a White American soldier, prohibitionist, businessman, and educator.

    Born near the...

Fitgearld, Ella

Fitzgearld, Cornelius

Flack, Roberta

  • Wed, 1937-02-10

    *Roberta Flack was born this date in 1937. She is an African American singer and educator.

    From in Asheville, NC, she earned a BA...

Fleetwood, Christian A.

Fleming, Lulu

  • Tue, 1862-01-28

    *Louise Cecelia Fleming was born on this date in 1862. She was a Black medical missionary.

    From Hibernia Clay County, Florida she was...

Flemmings, Thomas

Flipper, Henry O.

  • Fri, 1856-03-21

    *This date marks the birth of Henry Ossian Flipper who was the first Black man to graduate from West Point. He came from a family of slaves, born...

  • Fri, 1999-02-19

    *On this date in 1999 President Bill Clinton posthumously pardoned Second Lieutenant Henry Ossian Flipper.

    The event came 59 years after...

Flowers, Tiger

  • Mon, 1895-08-05

    *Theodore “Tiger” Flowers was born on this date in 1895. He was an African American boxer.

    Nicknamed The Georgia Deacon, he was from...

Fontaine, William

Ford Jr., Harold

  • Mon, 1970-05-11

    *Harold Ford was born on this date in 1970. He is an African American politician and lawyer.

    From Memphis, Tennessee he is the son of...

Ford, John Elijah

  • Tue, 1862-10-21

    *John E. Ford was born on this date in 1862. He was a Black minister and businessman.

    From Owensboro, KY John Elijah Ford was the eldest...

Ford, Justina

  • Sun, 1871-01-22

    *The birth of Justina Ford in 1871 is marked on this date. She was an African American physician and humanitarian.

    From Knoxville, a...

Forman, James

Forrest, Leon Richard

Forsythe, Ruby

Forten, James