Last names starting in F

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Fishburne, Laurence

Fishburne, Lillian

  • Fri, 1949-03-25

    *Lillian Fishburne was born on this date in 1949. She is an African American Rear Admiral (RADM) and Administrator.

    Fishburne was born...

Fisher, Ada

Fisher, Gail

Fisher, Rudolph

  • Sun, 1897-05-09

    Rudolph Fisher was born in Washington, DC on this date in 1897. He was an African American physician, roentgen logy specialist, novelist, short...

Fisk, Clinton Bowen

  • Mon, 1828-12-08

    Clinton Fisk was born on this date in 1828. He was a White American soldier, prohibitionist, businessman, and educator.

    Born near the...

Fitgearld, Ella

Fitzgearld, Cornelius

Fitzgerald, Larry

Flack, Roberta

  • Wed, 1937-02-10

    *Roberta Flack was born this date in 1937. She is an African American singer and educator.

    From in Asheville, NC, she earned a BA...

Fleetwood, Christian A.

Fleming, Lethia

  • Tue, 1876-11-07

    *Lethia Fleming was born on this date in 1876. She was an African American campaign organizer, women’s and civil rights activist and politician...

Fleming, Lulu

  • Tue, 1862-01-28

    *Louise Cecelia Fleming was born on this date in 1862. She was a Black medical missionary.

    From Hibernia Clay County, Florida she was...

Flemmings, Thomas

Flipper, Henry O.

  • Fri, 1856-03-21

    *This date marks the birth of Henry Ossian Flipper who was the first Black man to graduate from West Point. He came from a family of slaves, born...

  • Fri, 1999-02-19

    *On this date in 1999 President Bill Clinton posthumously pardoned Second Lieutenant Henry Ossian Flipper.

    The event came 59 years after...

Flowers, Tiger

  • Mon, 1895-08-05

    *Theodore “Tiger” Flowers was born on this date in 1895. He was an African American boxer.

    Nicknamed The Georgia Deacon, he was from...

Fontaine, William

Foot, Julia A.J.

  • Wed, 1823-05-21

    *The birth of Julia A. J. Foote in 1823 is celebrated on this date. She was a Black evangelist and author.

    Foote was born in...

Ford Jr., Harold

  • Mon, 1970-05-11

    *Harold Ford was born on this date in 1970. He is an African American politician and lawyer.

    From Memphis, Tennessee he is the son of...