Last names starting in S

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Sterling, Dorothy

Stevens, Thaddeus

Steward, Throphilus G.

  • Mon, 1843-04-17

    Theophilus Steward was born on this date in 1843. He was a Black clergyman, teacher, and author. Theophilus Gould Steward was born in Gouldtown...

Stewart, Austin

Stewart, Bennett

Stewart, McCants

Stewart, Mel

  • Thu, 1929-09-19

    *Mel Stewart was born on this date in 1929. He was an African American musician, teacher and actor.

    From Cleveland, Ohio Milton Stewart...

Stewart, Nick

Stewart, Susan M.

  • Thu, 1847-03-18

    *The birth of Susan McKinney Steward in 1847, is celebrated on this date. A physician, she was one of the first Black women to earn a medical...

Stewart, Thomas McCants

Still, William

  • Sun, 1821-10-07

    *William Still was born on this date in 1821. He was a Black abolitionist, conductor on the Underground Railroad, writer, historian and activist...

Still, William Grant

Stitt, Sonny

  • Sat, 1924-02-02

    *On this date in 1924, Edward “Sonny” Stitt was born. He was an African American jazz saxophonist, one of the most consistently important reed...

Stokes, Carl Burton

  • Tue, 1927-06-21

    Carl Stokes was born on this date in 1927. He was an African-American lawyer and political leader.

    Born in Cleveland, Carl Burton Stokes...

Stokes, Louis

Stokes, Rembert

  • Sat, 1917-06-16

    Rembert E. Stokes was born on this date in 1917. He was an African American bishop, educator, and administrator.

    He received a Bachelor...

Stone, Chuck

  • Mon, 1924-07-21

    Chuck Stone was born on this date in 1924. He is an African American newspaper editor, columnist, and professor of journalism and an activist...

Stone, Jesse

Stone, Lucy

Stone, Toni