Last names starting in Y

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Yancey, James

  • Sun, 1898-02-20

    *James Yancey was born on this date in 1898. He was an African American blues musician.

    From Chicago, James Edward Yancey was largely a...


Yerby, Frank


Young, Al

  • Wed, 1939-05-31

    Al Young was born on this date in 1939. He is an African American writer and educator.

    Born in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, Young's...

Young, Andrew

Young, Charles

Young, Coleman

  • Fri, 1918-05-24

    On this date in 1918, Coleman Young, an African American politician, was born.

    Coleman Alexander Young was Tuscaloosa, AL. His family...

Young, Lester

  • Fri, 1909-08-27

    On this date in 1909, African American jazz saxophonist Lester Young was born.

    His name at birth was Willis Lester Young and he was from...

Young, Otis

  • Mon, 1932-07-04

    Otis Young was born on this date in 1932. He was an African American actor, minister, and educator.

    R.I., Young was one of 14 children...

Young, P. B.

Young, Roger Arliner

Young, Whitney M., Jr.

Younger, Paul

  • Mon, 1928-06-25

    Paul "Tank" Younger was born on this date in 1928. He was an African-American football player and administrator.

    He was a graduate of...