Benjamin Lundy fought slavery in many ways

Benjamin Lundy
Sun, 1789-01-04

Benjamin Lundy was born on this date in 1789. He was a White American abolitionist and news publisher.

He was from Sussex County, New Jersey and raised a Quaker. Lundy was working as a saddle maker in Wheeling, Vermont, when he first became troubled about the morality of the slave trade. In 1815, he created the Union Humane Society. In 1821, he began publishing the anti-slavery newspaper, Genius of Universal Emancipation. In 1829, Lundy brought on William Lloyd Garrison as co-editor before he moved to Boston and began the Liberator.

In 1835, Lundy created another newspaper in Pennsylvania, The National Enquirer. Other ways his abolition took roots were havens for freedom. He traveled extensively searching for suitable places where runaway slaves could settle. In 1839, Benjamin Lundy moved to Illinois, restoring his first newspaper, which he published until his death on August 22, 1839.

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