Scholar, William S. Scarborough born

William S.
Mon, 1852-02-16

*This date in 1852 marks the birth of William Sander Scarborough. He was an African American scholar and University President.

William Scarborough was born in Macon, Georgia. As a child he studied with a free Black family and white neighbors learning carpentry and shoe making. He was emancipated during the Civil War, entered Atlanta University in 1869, and then went on to Oberlin College for his Masters degree. He taught for a time amidst the Jim Crow Laws in the south.

The bitter experience & many hardships took their toll; he left to teach Latin and Greek at Wilberforce University. In 1908 he became President a position he held for twelve years. In 1921 American President Harding appointed him to a post in the Department of Agriculture, which he held until Harding's death in 1924.

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Scarborough, William S.