Spady Cultural Museum opens

Spady Museum
Sat, 2001-07-28

*The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum opened its doors on this date in 2001.

This is an African American heritage and history center in Delray Beach, FLA. They are operated by EPOCH (Expanding & Preserving Our Cultural Heritage, Inc.), a non-profit organization dedicated to communicating the rich history and cultural diversity of Delray Beach and South Palm Beach County. The Museum is the former home of the late Solomon D. Spady who was a prominent black educator and community leader in Delray Beach from 1922 to 1957.

The museum is located in a historic two-storied Mission-Revival styled home that sits on the Spady Cultural Heritage Complex. The museum is the brainchild of Vera Rolle Farrington, a native South-Floridian, retired Palm Beach County educator and historian.  The museum features three permanent and three rotating exhibits year-round.

The Spady Cultural Heritage Museum has become a valuable resource for people seeking information about the city's early black history and culture.