The Sturgis One-Room School opens

Sat, 1900-01-20

*The opening of the Sturgis One-Room School is celebrated on this date in 1900. Originally located on property owned by William T. Sturgis, this was an assembly built as a one-room school for Black Americans.

The first graduating class was in the year 1921, and the school was closed in 1937 having the name of McMillan School. William Sturgis lived there after the school closed; later the building was no longer occupied or used. It was moved from its original location, approximately seven miles south of Pocomoke City near Brantley Road, to the corner of Front and Willow Streets.

Local citizenry and the Worcester County Historical Society underwrote the move. Since its restoration, and designation as a historical landmark, it is the only building of its kind in Worcester County. Now a Museum, it is located at the Corner of Front and Willow Streets Pocomoke City, MD.

Sturgis School House

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