Are you an interested individual in becoming a benefactor to the Registry? Use the information below to find out more about The African American Registry, our benefactors levels. If you would like more information or would like to have this information mailed to you please call 612-822-6831.

Who has been a benefactor to the Registry!


Kerry Jordan:  In Memory of Johnny Wiley - Grandfather

Clementine Pigford

Stephany Maxey

Carolyn Holbrook

Rose Harper:  I appreciate what you do to tell our stories


Anthony McHie & Family

Nancy Helfrich:  In memory of Nancy Peterson

Marybelle Moore:  In Honor of Bill Strong

Pamela Marcus:  In Honor of Beneta McHie

Reginald Shaver: In honor of Althea L. Shaver (mother)

Peter J. Rachleff

Chester McCoy

Sheldon Erickson

Linda D. Herron:  Thanks for your work with North Campus Adult Education students

Marcey & Norman Mastbaum:  In Honor of the work of the Registry


Central High School (Minneapolis): To Help Enrich the Lives Of Children And Community

Ann Weldon: In Memory of all Black Inventors

Julie & Maury Landsman

Annette Nettie Kay Smith

Linda Herron:  Gift made on behalf of Linda and Dale Herron  

Rich Ferguson

Reginald Shaver

Civil Rights

Paulette Giron:  In memory of her father Joe

Gudrun Gates

Randolph Fisher:  In Memory of Jacob Ricks Jr and Sr.

Chuck Preston

Full Equality

Michele D. Fisher:  In Honor of Michael Rogers, a true Liberator

Peri N Urvek:  In Memory of of my father George W. DeWell

Chuck Preston

Maria Nhambu: