Educational Field Work Initiative (internship) with

African American Registry


The Educational Field Work Initiative (EFWI) is a credit-based program for college students and professionals. Students involved will learn skills in tech-based, administrative, research, program, and educational services. They assist in building communities through facilitation, hands on experience, and the evolution of African American heritage. Interested College students at all levels and departments are eligible.  Professionals who are invested in African America are welcome too.

The Registry’s EFWI will include:


1.   Technology:  (IMac, video production, final cut pro.) 

  • Article database additions, updates and revisions.  
  • Six website press release pages to publish per year.
  • Website content research (text and media), compile content.  
  • Weekly blog additions expansion and podcast content.  
  • Administration of the Registry website through Webinar and Video Conferencing.


2.   Community Ambassadorship:  (Previous Community Relationships)

  • Present the Registry to organizations; fraternities, churches, social groups, etc. for donations (training and Registry packet will be provided).
  • Promote the Registry’s mission; play our card game at an elementary school, or library weekly.  


3.   Curriculum:  (Microsoft office software knowledge)

  • This includes workshops, speeches, seminars, etc.  Marketing the training, seminars, and workshops.   
  • Facilitating skills and an understanding of America’s racial heritage & landscape in academics through circle groups.


Contact us at 612-822-6831, Fax:  612-825-0598, or